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Someone stop me from downloading mods...

It all started with Sims 3.  Now Oblivion has fallen prey to my obsessive modding tendencies.  Between the two games I probably have four seven eight GB of mods just taking up space on my laptop.  My Sims 3 game is running extremely slow now because of all the stuff I added.  (Why don't they have a function to remove original items that you don't like and will never use?  It takes forever to load the wardrobe in CAS =.=)
Ah well, they make the games more enjoyable...and I get to take pretty screenshots in Oblivion.  ;) 

Yay for pose packs!   Though I wish there is an easier way to get everyone to face (almost) the same way without it being such a pain in the ass.  More of the ladies in my party under the cut~

More shiny screenshots here :)Collapse )

Fanfiction Rec Post #1

So I finally got tired of looking at my (near) empty journal. Since I spend so much time reading fanfiction, might as well put up recs for anyone that's looking for something to read. Mostly yaoi, some gen and het.
These are all good quality fics, especially ones that I really enjoyed reading. On with the recs!

Ai No Kusabi

The Final Decision:
Iason/Riki; Probably the best AnK fic I've read. Very good plot, instead of the usual pornfest.

Bukiyou Na Silent

Mirror, Mirror:
Tamiya/Satoru; Satoru noticing the changes he's gone through. Very, very sweet!
Reading Between the Words:
Tamiya/Satoru; Tamiya tries to read Satoru during an intimate moment.
Satoru Gets His Feet Wet:
Tamiya/Satoru; Satoru in all his awkward cuteness ♥

Final Fantasy VIII

Half Sick of Shadows:
Gen; In the aftermath, Seifer contemplates all that he has left. Bittersweet with a hopeful ending.
Could I Be You:
Seifer/Zell; Very long and very well written. Love the sense of adventure this brings, as well as the development of Seifer and Zell's relationship along the way.
Slight Seifer/Fujin; Seeing Seifer through Fujin's eyes.
The Five Ages of Seifer Almasy:
Seifer/Zell; Zell is stuck with taking care of a de-aged Seifer. Cuteness and fluff ensue~ ♥


Auburn & Ivory:
Medicine Seller/Various; Events of the anime as seen through their eyes. Some disturbing scenes.
Colour of a Dream:
Other Self/Medicine Seller; Beautiful imagery and use of colours.
Sun Facing Moon:
Other Self/Medicine Seller; The two opposites that make up Mononoke's demon-man.
Other Self/Medicine Seller; Possessive!Other Self is so much love ♥

Yay, I've finally gotten off my lazy ass posted something productive!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaannd that's it for now :)

Uber fail at LJ =.=

Ugh, I hate being such a noob at LJ despite the fact I've had an account for more than 3 years.  Took me forever to understand how to post links correctly orz.




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